Ideal Fall/ Winter Attire

Fall and Winter are by far the best fashion seasons. And of course, I spend my days online shopping, looking through overpriced clothes, and watching the runway shows from that season. I decided to style five outfits that would be my ideal looks for the Fall and Winter seasons. Clearly, you would have to layer… Continue reading Ideal Fall/ Winter Attire


Christmas Mood Board

  Whenever the Holiday Season comes around, I automatically imagine living like Eloise during Christmas at the Plaza Hotel. Faux fur jackets, aesthetically pleasing decorations, rhinestone dress, cold weather, music, and Holiday parties are what gets me most excited about this time of year! Anywhere during Christmas is 99.9% more magical with all of the… Continue reading Christmas Mood Board

Essentials For Hydrated and Glowy Skin

Drink Water Water is the key to success when it comes to having clear glowy skin and a healthy body. Drinking water will give you a radiant and healthy looking complexion, and it will make you look younger. If your skin is not receiving the correct amount of water, the lack of hydration will make… Continue reading Essentials For Hydrated and Glowy Skin