Essentials For Hydrated and Glowy Skin

Drink Water

a53dcaa14302cf20912b67b0e5563688Water is the key to success when it comes to having clear glowy skin and a healthy body. Drinking water will give you a radiant and healthy looking complexion, and it will make you look younger. If your skin is not receiving the correct amount of water, the lack of hydration will make your skin turn in a negative direction. Dry and flaky skin will develop and there will be a higher chance of wrinkling. If keeping hydrated, there will be a lower chance of having acne and breakouts because water will flush out toxins and impurities to keep your system fresh.

Face Wash

28B5C43F00000578-3085564-image-m-10_1431896694237Taking off your makeup is one thing but you always want to wash your face before going to bed. Throughout the day you will produce oils, dirt, and other bacterias. Washing your face will help take off any makeup left behind and clean off any build up from the day. To keep my skin refreshed, I use my Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser for Normal to Oily Skin.


s-l225Before your skin becomes dry from after washing your face, you will want to apply moisturizer to boost hydration in your skin and prevent flaking and dullness. When looking for a face moisturizer, stay away from the following ingredients: fragrance, sodium lauryl sulfate, synthetic colors, parabens, triclosan, etc. When apply the moisturizer, do not pull down on skin because more wrinkles will be developed. For moisturizer I recently just started using the CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion and I have been loving this product! My skin has become softer and this product has been preventing my skin from becoming dry.

Rose Water

Sandal and rose waterI’m sure you have heard tons of people rave about rose water and all the benefits it has for your skin, and it is all true! Spraying rose water on your face is very refreshing when you do and don’t have makeup on. The anti-inflammatory ingredients in the product will help produce redness, prevent acne, and give you a glowy complexion. I spray rose water on after I washed my face and before I apply moisturizer. It can be used as an extra cleanser and can remove extra oils and dirt. I have used the rose water from Herbivore and I did see a difference when I included it in my routine. Another popular brand is the Mario Badescu Rose Water. I have not tried it before but I have heard many positive things about it.

Sunscreen/ SPF

download.pngSunscreen is super important, especially around this time of year. A lot of celebrities have made sunscreen one of their top skin care essentials because it keeps their skin “youthful.” Sunscreen will protect your skin from the sun, it will prevent facial brown spots and skin discoloration, and will slow down wrinkling and aging skin. It is very important to buy sunscreens and face makeup products that have SPF to protect your skin. 

xo, jessica andrea



Lit Music Playlist | Current Favorite Music

Music is a very powerful thing. It can put you in any mood and can impact any emotion that you are going through. I have a different variety of genres on my playlist but I’m in love with everything. There’s music that you can chill to, dance to, cry to, makeout to… if you want; there’s a lot of options. Here’s 32 songs that I have been listening to on repeat:

  1. I Wanna Be – Kehlani
  2. What You Want – Symphani Soto ft. Kim
  3. One Reason (Flex) – Wale ft. Eric Bellinger
  4. Me Likey – Trevor Jackson ft. Kirko Bangz
  5. Personal – Kehlani
  6. Pick Up – Soundz ft. Verse Simmonds
  7. In For It – Tory Lanez ft. RL Grimme
  8. Sex With Me – Rihanna
  9. Idgaf – YG ft. Will Claye
  10. Privacy – Chris Brown
  11. Skin Tight (UK Remix) – Mr. Eazi ft. Haile, Stefflon Don
  12. Going To Work – P-lo
  13. Loyalty – Kendrick Lamar ft. Rihanna
  14. Despactio (Remix) – Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee ft. Justin Bieber
  15. Chateau – Blackbear
  16. RedMercedes – Aminé
  17. Put Me On Something – P-lo
  18. Bad Liar – Selena Gomez (aka the queen)
  19. On It – Jaquees
  20. HeebieJeebies – Aminé ft. Kehlani
  21. No Longer Friends – Bryson Tiller
  22. Self- Made – Bryson Tiller
  23. You Know – Meek Mill ft. YFN Lucci
  24. Lit – Nebu Kiniza
  25. My 9ine – Kojo Funds
  26. Broken Clocks – SZA
  27. Lights On – H.E.R.
  28. Love Galore – SZA
  29. Falling – Jack & Jack
  30. Delete my #, forreal this time. – Kalin White
  31. Champagne & Sunshine (Ellusive Remix) – PLVTINUM, Tarro, Ellusive 
  32. Wild Thoughts – DJ Khaled ft. Rihanna, Bryson Tiller


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Everyday Makeup Products

          For the longest time I had been looking for a natural and glowy makeup look. I finally think I have nailed it this time! I wanted something easy and that didn’t take too much time (even though I take forever to do my makeup), especially since I go to school almost everyday and I don’t wanna have to get up at the crack of dawn to do winged eyeliner and get glammed up. Much respect for those girls who do!!


          Eyelashes are one of the most important parts to my everyday routine. I am not joking when I tell you that I take 20+ minutes just to do my eyelashes. It is worth it though because they be SLAYING everyday! I have tried so many mascara brands but current favorite for my TOP LASHES ONLY  is the Colossal Big Shot Volum’ Express mascara from Maybelline in “Blackish Brown.” Not only because the package is beautiful with its gold shiny tube but it always separates my lashes while still giving them volume and length. The main thing I look for in a mascara is volume and some length because I personally am not a fan when my lashes are super long. Warning, if you do apply a lot of one time, it will start to clumpy so I recommend doing your first coat, move onto your other eye, and once you finish that first coat go back to the first lash you did and apply a little more to darken your lashes and give more volume. Don’t forget to apply the second coat on your other eye.

          I will use a combination of the Tarteist mascara from Tarte and the Covergirl Clump Crusher for my bottom lashes. For tightlining I will use my N.Y.C. Pencil Eyeliner in the color “brown.”


          The next step is brows. I use the NYX Brow Pencil, Micro in the color “Ash Brown” to fill in and shape my eyebrows. I start by brushing up the bottom half of my eyebrow and underline/ follow the natural shape of my eyebrow. Before blending it in, I brush down the top half of my brow and draw a line following my natural shape. After this step then I take my spooley brush, that is attached on the other side, and brush my brows to blend the color in. I will go back in to fill in any “bald” spots. Once I finish filling in, I use my clear eyebrow gel from E.L.F. Cosmetics to keep them in place.


          Moving on, I start to apply my face makeup. I start off with my Covergirl Smoothers BB Cream that has SPF 15. I will put some on the back of my hand put dots of BB cream all over my face and I blend it all in with my fingers (make sure you wash your hands before so you don’t spread even more germs all over your face). I prefer blending it in with my fingers over a brushes because it will look more natural and you don’t have to worry about brush streaks being all over your face.

          Since BB cream doesn’t have a full coverage, I will go back in with my FIT Me concealer from Maybelline in the color “sand” and I will apply very little concealer to my undereye and any other blemishes on my face. After blending everything in I will set my face makeup with the Transparent Stay Matte Pressed Powder from Rimmel London.

          To finish up the face I will use my Benefit Hoola Bronzer to warm up my face and my N.Y.X. Liquid Illuminator in the lightest shade for highlight. Once that is finished, I will use my Wet N’ Wild Setting Spray to set my face.


          The last step in my routine is lips. My go to lip balm is actually Vaseline because it moisturizes and keeps my lips from being flakey and dry. I would take lip gloss over lipstick any day so recently I have been loving my Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Gloss in the color “Nudestar.” Keep in mind, it is a lip plumping gloss so it will make your lips look fuller for a short period of time.

          My routine is very simple and easy for an everyday use when you want to look glowed up but not too over dramatic. I will change up my routine once in awhile but I will almost always go back to this look!

xo, jessica andrea

Statement Pieces | Accessories

       The best way to spice up a simple outfit is accessorizing. Adding any statement piece can add character to an outfit and can be used as a way to express your style and personality.


       My go to accessory is a statement earning. Hoops are my everyday earring but when I want to add more to the outfit I wear my all gold cross earrings ( People definitely notice them and I have gotten tons of complements.

       Sunglasses are not only a way to protect your eyes from the sun. There are so many designs for sunglasses nowadays and can be used to make an outfit more fashionable. Currently, my favorite glasses are my rose tinted glasses with gold hardware ( From the  cat-eye look, to the tinted colored look; there are so many options to choose from and correlate it with your outfit.279068621

       Chokers and necklaces can easily dress up an outfit. Adding simple or extravagant pieces will flatter your décolletage. Personally, I only wear chokers when wearing an off the shoulder top instead of a regular v-neck or scoop neck top because it could look too overcrowding. But if you feel comfortable and confident wearing a choker with any piece of clothing, then do you girl!


Bandanas are a fun way to add edge to an outfit. They are very popular during festival season and summer for not only protection from any dust, but of course you gotta wear them for fashion purposes!! I’m not a colorful person so my go-to colors are black and white. There are a ton of different ways to style them so I can promise you that you will find a style that works best for you.

img-thing (1)img-thing





Fishnets. Besides earrings and sunglasses, fishnets are one of my favorite things to style. Ever since the trend came back, you will find fishnets pretty much everywhere. I’ve
seen people style them with ripped/ distressed jeans, adidas pants and a crop top (so that you can see the netting above your waist), and clear heels/ booties.57f15548bff124581fdce1ffce74db7f1_304718_ZM_BLACK







I recently just got more interested in chain belts. You can either wear a simple or layered chain belt to add more to an outfit.


       Last but not least, purses and backpacks. They are everything. I can not tell you how many times I have walked into a store and fallen in love with so many purses and of course I can’t afford them. If you are on a cheaper budget, department stores like TJMaxx, Ross, Burlington, etc., have so many trendy and different styles for a reasonable price. I have found some of my favorite purses and backpacks from those stores!! All of the prints and designs go with so many outfits and can pretty much be worn with anything.

       Whatever you decide to wear, remember to always wear what you feel confident and comfortable in. Don’t feel the need to dress a certain way to follow a trend. Get inspiration, be authentic and show off how good you look in whatever you decide to wear.

xo, jessica andrea

jeremiah 29:11

NYC Recap

          New York is a magical place. From the lights, to the clothes, to the food, to the sights, and even to the subway; the city is one of a kind. It is so far, my favorite city that I have visited. The energy is crazy and when they say “the city never sleeps,” they are 100% correct!! If you have never experienced the city, let me tell you, it is not like the movies. It can be glamorous at times but don’t expect everything to be like a scene from Gossip Girl or Sex and the City. I have heard living conditions are way different than visiting but I can’t speak from personal experience since I live on the other side of the country from New York.

My family and I recently took a weekend trip to the city and it had been my second time but my siblings first time. Needless to say, my sister adored all the shopping and my brother found an interest in the city life. We saw different sights that we had never seen before and places that made us feel like we were apart of history.

         The first night we were there, we had to have a typical New York experience. We got 99¢ pizza. There’s nothing like New York pizza. We also made a trip up to Times Square, which always looks like it’s daytime because of all of the lights and billboards. I was surprised because we all got on New York time so fast and we were able to wake up at a normal time on Saturday morning and start our day. That day we visited The Statue of Liberty, which is much shorter than I thought. We also went to Ellis Island which holds so much history and it was crazy to know that we were standing in such an important place in history. For those of you who don’t know what Ellis Island is, it served as the prime immigration station for those who wanted to enter the country. We spent the rest of the day exploring Tribeca which is in Lower Manhattan. Later that night I met up with 2 of my friends that I met on Twitter when we were fangirling over Bethany Mota. I met Jenna for the second time and Bri for the first time. Jenna’s family and my family took Bri in for the night and we all went to dinner at this super cute Italian restaurant and later we went our separate ways and my family and I went back to the hotel to get some sleep because we had a big day on Sunday! Sunday morning/ afternoon was spent at a college visit for me and I am still over the moon about it. The rest of the day was spent in the Upper East Side where The Plaza, Central Park, and all of the some designer stores are. My feet were practically dying the whole trip because I was so smart and wore heels for the past 2 days. *not sarcasm* That night we visited the 9/11 memorial and one of the trade centers which might I add, was so aesthetically pleasing!! Monday was our last day and it was also my moms birthday. In the middle of the night I decorated the hotel room with decorations I brought from home, so it would make her birthday a little more special. We traveled home that day and while we were on the plane, I realized that I am extremely lucky that I was able to go to the city and experience it for the second time. If you ever get the chance, I highly recommended travel New York and while you are there, take in the beauty of the city. Sure it can be dirty and not your cup of tea, but I promise you will find something that  makes you fall in love with the city.

XO,  Jessica Andréa