NYC Recap

          New York is a magical place. From the lights, to the clothes, to the food, to the sights, and even to the subway; the city is one of a kind. It is so far, my favorite city that I have visited. The energy is crazy and when they say “the city never sleeps,” they are 100% correct!! If you have never experienced the city, let me tell you, it is not like the movies. It can be glamorous at times but don’t expect everything to be like a scene from Gossip Girl or Sex and the City. I have heard living conditions are way different than visiting but I can’t speak from personal experience since I live on the other side of the country from New York.

My family and I recently took a weekend trip to the city and it had been my second time but my siblings first time. Needless to say, my sister adored all the shopping and my brother found an interest in the city life. We saw different sights that we had never seen before and places that made us feel like we were apart of history.

         The first night we were there, we had to have a typical New York experience. We got 99¢ pizza. There’s nothing like New York pizza. We also made a trip up to Times Square, which always looks like it’s daytime because of all of the lights and billboards. I was surprised because we all got on New York time so fast and we were able to wake up at a normal time on Saturday morning and start our day. That day we visited The Statue of Liberty, which is much shorter than I thought. We also went to Ellis Island which holds so much history and it was crazy to know that we were standing in such an important place in history. For those of you who don’t know what Ellis Island is, it served as the prime immigration station for those who wanted to enter the country. We spent the rest of the day exploring Tribeca which is in Lower Manhattan. Later that night I met up with 2 of my friends that I met on Twitter when we were fangirling over Bethany Mota. I met Jenna for the second time and Bri for the first time. Jenna’s family and my family took Bri in for the night and we all went to dinner at this super cute Italian restaurant and later we went our separate ways and my family and I went back to the hotel to get some sleep because we had a big day on Sunday! Sunday morning/ afternoon was spent at a college visit for me and I am still over the moon about it. The rest of the day was spent in the Upper East Side where The Plaza, Central Park, and all of the some designer stores are. My feet were practically dying the whole trip because I was so smart and wore heels for the past 2 days. *not sarcasm* That night we visited the 9/11 memorial and one of the trade centers which might I add, was so aesthetically pleasing!! Monday was our last day and it was also my moms birthday. In the middle of the night I decorated the hotel room with decorations I brought from home, so it would make her birthday a little more special. We traveled home that day and while we were on the plane, I realized that I am extremely lucky that I was able to go to the city and experience it for the second time. If you ever get the chance, I highly recommended travel New York and while you are there, take in the beauty of the city. Sure it can be dirty and not your cup of tea, but I promise you will find something that  makes you fall in love with the city.

XO,  Jessica Andréa


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